We've being working since 2016 with VML Agency creating audiovisual pieces for social network campaigns of Palmolive Latin America. It started as a set design + food styling + stop-motion production, but became even bigger due to the needs of the client in terms of managing liquids and special effects while the ingredients were interacting between them selves. Last assignments have involved high speed cinematography with Phantom Flex shooting even over 2000 frames per second. We're very proud to show you the output, discoveries and experiences we have collected among these amazing trip:
Took us almost 6 months drawing, making meetings in VML, presenting variants with refined stories in order to get our first GO to shooting. The resulting structure was the foundation to start planning and is still the key element for the pieces we make now days.
Jazmin flowers, cocoa powder, berries, coconut, aloe, karite, cotton, tourmaline, mint, olive, pomegranate, almond, camellia flowers, omega 3, yogurt, butter, oil, eucalyptus, cream and much more ingredients were listed to be acquired, produced and stylized for each of the amazing pieces we finally made. We started throwing ideas, sketching and assembling cool stories, while preserving these ingredients as the vertical column of the videos. We discovered the great pleasure to be devoted to collisions, food styling and problem solving while having epic battles on the studio over long working days.
Outcomes and awards
We ended up having excellent social network interactions. Our method was proven and refined in order to grow on time and get new assignments every 3 to 6 months. This is the condensed media reach:
Behind the scenes
Another exciting part of these experience was how we had to gather big groups of professionals to get the job done. We ended up almost 30 people enclosed on a huge studio dealing with a lot of problems on shooting days. It was great to meet these new guys with a lot of experience bringing their expertise and the client needs together to get really well done results. These BTS is a tribute full of gratitude to all of them:
(Incredible one)
Agency: VML - Bogotá
Client: Colgate Palmolive - Palmolive Latin America
Creative team: Carlos Espinosa, Antonio López, Brian Valbuena, Diana Piñeros Schuster, Julián Muñoz and Andrés Calderón.
Director: Andrés Calderón
Production design team: Sabrina Acosta, Aura Urrea, Mauricio Cendales, Tatiana Velásquez, Julián Pulido, Juan Felipe Camargo, Francesco Mayorga, Andrés Bernal, Miguel Escobar and Julián Rotta.
Food styling / FX: Fernando Ruano Rueda, Viviana Morales and Laura Ruano.
Post: Fermín Mulett, Mauricio Cendales, Marco Miranda, Abraham D. Giraldo, Camilo Plata and Andrés Calderón
Technical team: Oscar Díaz, Abraham David Giraldo, Andrés Saavedra, Carlos Alberto Soto, Alejandro Díaz, Peluca, Fidelito, WilliamTriana, Andrés Bustos, Lorenzo de Zubiría and Alexis Valencia.
Slowmotion + Stopmotion Palmolive