Homefront™ The Revoloution:
As Crysis 3™  shipped, Crytek UK had begun working on an ambitious project to recreate Philadelphia and create a sequel to the critically acclaimed THQ title, Homefront. The project went through a variety of changes, multiple publishers and ultimately was launched in 2016. 

During my time on this project, I was lucky enough to focus on 'The Shipyard' - a sprawling KPA laden map. The map at this stage was in pre-production and I was able to concentrate on building assets such as the shipyard buildings, vintage cranes while developing a number of textures and features for this level.

Towards the end of my time on this project, I worked with concept artist, Al Crutchley https://www.artstation.com/alcrutchley and weapon artist Pete Cassell, to develop both the 'Duster' and 'Seeker' drones - going onto model these KPA toys seen throughout the game.