Digital finger paintings 17
I grew up in vacationland. I suppose my entire psyche and what I paint is about vacation. My parents escaped the cold north for a warmer life in sunny South Florida. The southern light and the color became my palette. The vacation or an escape from work is what most people came to Florida for. Beaches, pools, and lakes are the places we relax and heal. It is these places that also inspire me to work. The colors of tropical clouds,  shimmering water, and colorful shadows all mix in my head and create my palette. It's that visual language that I apply to my artwork.

My my current work explores the places we relax and vacation. My brushstrokes depict people and activities in those places. My new work is created digitally on an iPhone or iPad working plein-air. My finger replaces a paintbrush And I can quickly capture movement and shapes in color and not having to stop and mix pigments. The devices also allow me to playback my painting and view brush strokes one at a time. My art is printed on canvas and paper and sold online. For exhibition I plan to use high definition monitors to display an animated living painting.