Student Work: UX Prototype for Mobile App
Student work from a recent User Experience Level 2 course. The assignment was to develop an app that allows you to locate live music events in your area. Small group collaboration at the beginning of the project conducted Card Sorting to determine a desired set of app features and specs. My individual work is this prototype below. I chose to keep the style in low-fideltiy sketch form to focus on the user experience.
The Context
For the purpose of this mockup, I assume the user has already installed the App and created a user account. 
The Core Task 
Showing a tool that makes it easy to discover live music events, create calendars and notifications, and provide ways to share with the community and discover new bands, genres of music, and venues.
Created as an interactive Apple Keynote presentation.
Step 1: Card Sort activity to develop content and functionality for the App (small group work).
Step 2: Some rough sketches to get a feel for what, how and where the App would feature the desired content and functionality (individual work).
Step 3: Low-fidelity Prototype to illustrate and test usability.