Gears of War 4 - Launch Series Maps 
Working closely with the campaign team at the Coalition, I was lucky enough to take charge of the art direction for the Gears of War 4 Launch series maps. Again, working with international teams to execute on the concepts - I was lucky enough to work with the excellent team at Splash Damage in the UK and concept artists based both in Vancouver and the UK. Multiplayer concepts were around based on hopeful warmth, large open skies and huge vistas -  giving way to a darker moodier pallet with more claustrophobic and industrial pallets. 

Lighting was is always designed to support game play and help give directional and flow information to the player without explicitly drawing paths for players to follow. We invested more time, this time around, working on environmental story telling and you will discover everything from notes to tube station maps and street signs to help ground the universe. 

The launch series of maps, compatible with all game modes, included: Dam, Fallout, Forge, Foundation, Gridlock, Harbor, Impact, Lift, Reclaimed and Relic.