/ a food storage approached by different viewpoint
Design by Minki Kim / 2013 CJ O'Shopping factory

"How many times do you use food storages a day?"

However, common food storages are focused on functionality, not usability.

We carry and use food storage containers several times a day. But most of the food storage containers are only focused on functionality rather than usability. I always feel uncomfortable carrying several food storage containers to set them on the table. As many people use these kind of products every day, I thought a new approach which is focused on usability is needed.


Easy to carry and set them on table

The usual food storage containers are separate. But because of that, inconvenience occurs in the process of use ; people had to stack them at risk, carry uneasily, lay down the storages one by one on the table. 
However, new form and structure make it easy to prepare for meals. ‘slock’ can safely carry multiple food storage containers together through the handle, and the sliding structure allows people to set them on table easily.

Functional locking structure; helping seals the storages

I focused on usability, but didn’t miss the functional importance. 
The whole rubber packing on the lid and the entire product structure help to ensure seal. While locking the 'slock', the pressure between the food storage containers enhance the seal. 

A smooth, stable rotating axis prevents shaking

I considered the structure of the rotating axis to rotate the separate part of the food storage container and food inside it safely.
Rubber packing and internal structure prevent the container from stumbling down and allow it to settle safely to the surface during rotating down process.

Soft and comfortable handle shape for grip

CMF in harmony with kitchen interior and food

'slock‘s low chroma color and curved glass material make the food looks fresh and tasty. 
As the interior of the kitchen has recently changed from mono tones to colorful colors, a variety of colors have been considered that can be harmonized with trend and 'slock’s design concept. 
When two-tone color be reflected by light, 'slock' starts to be melted into the user's kitchen environment.

Thank you for watching