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IQPlanner travel website. Case study 1/3.


IQPlanner has been created to help two kinds of travellers meet - the experienced ones who travel often and like to write about their trips, and everyone else, who search for the best places, hotels, or an advice for their next vacaion. You can see what you can do on IQPlanner immediately from the top of the page - plan your trip, browse holidays or earn from your trip review.

IQPlanner logo is inspired by the route symbol and is combined of letters "i" and "q".

Read more on IQPlanner typographic system and modular grid (in russian only).

Design of the main page has been an ongoing process for three years. We've been studying stats, customer journeys, blogger reviews, and travellers use cases.


For those who likes travel reading, who wants to meet best authors and check for travel news, we've created the Magazine. With its regularly updated catalog of travel articles, Magazine not only keeps current community engaged, but also helps new visitors find their travel media. Every article is placed within the Magazine through thematic and geography tags. Here you will find the best authors and travellers, read tips and blogs.


For those who wants to follow best travellers, we've built the Adventure Catalog. In the beginning, when we had only few authors and ready-to-book reviews, or Adventures, we didn't sort, filter or categorize them. But now when the number of Adventures is more than 600, Catalog became a big storage with geography and theme tags, with a search by authors, cities, places and interests. We've chosen most popular destinations and asked our community write their trip diaries for our most visited landing pages.

The end point of the Catalog is Adveture page, an author's travel diary page. Every Adventure has "Take me there" button. Clicking it you will create your trip following author's diary. Author can recommend hotels, places and visiting schedule, all of these go into your trip plan automatically.

In most cases people come not to IQPlanner main page, but to destination page (like country, city) or topic page (like Romantic, Family trips, Food and drink). At the end of every Adventure we recommend related trips (like trips to the same place, or within the same topic).

With Catalog we achieved:
- increased visit number from search engines, social media and newsletters;
- added original content, which people search for;
- increased content search rating;
- grew travel community with potential customers;
- attracted authors with their original content and followers;
- specified stats for destinations, travel and hotel preferences, user flows, and search terms;
- launched newsletter with new better Adventures.


Search through Adventures, articles, places, authors.

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IQPlanner travel website. Case study 1/3.

IQPlanner travel website. Case study 1/3.

IQPlanner is a trip planner that also gives you the holiday inspiration from locals and travel experts. Plan your trips, browse holidays, publis Read More


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