E-Cig-Liquid instead of tobacco

As you can see in the image above, I am very passionate about smoking and vaping. Therefore, it speaks for itself that I always enjoy a cigarette or a great and tasteful e-cig liquid

As I am a passionate smoker and also have a job in a cigarette job, you could call me tobacco consumer who is in connection to that topic both on the private and the professional level. Exactly this topic shall also be in focus in the following lines of this article. Of course, smoking is a vast field and has many different kinds of how we can enjoy it. For example, we can not only smoke it but also use it similar to a chewing gum as a so-called chewing tobacco. Another option would be to inhale it through the nose in the form of a sniff. Also, it can be put between the lips and the teeth, as you can do it with the snus tobacco. All of these methods involve the consumption of tobacco and lead to a feeling of relaxation, which is the main reason why people use tobacco in the first place. However, you can achieve this feeling also when you use a different method. That is one which has a variety of advantages which other kinds of consumption cannot offer. Also, the way of consuming tobacco I am going to present to you even puts away some of the typical advantages which always come together with using it. The reason for that is that it does not include consuming tobacco. But what is that alternative at all?

Of course, I speak of the electronic cigarette, or e-cig, as many people call it the short way. With that device, you do not consume tobacco, but you have the same effect as you have with it. E-cigs use the so-called e-liquid. In general, that viscous mass consists of three main elements.

The first one is glycerol. It is a part which people manufacture synthetically. Glycerol has many different applications, and people often use it in the chemistry industry. For example, it can function as a stabilizing preservative in many substances. That is also the reason why it plays a significant role for e-liquids because it simply stays fresh for much longer.
The second element which plays an important part in the composition of e-liquid is a substance called propylene glycol. It is also a viscous mass much like glycerol, but it has another effect which makes it crucial to every kind of e-liquid. Not only does it preserve flavors like glycerol, but it also a slightly sweet taste. That is the reason why we use it often in the food industry as a liquid sweetener which has a lot fewer calories than regular sugar. So it helps to maintain the distinct flavor of the particular e-liquid.

The third element is one that is an ingredient which is so basic that it is present in every kind of food we consume on a regular basis. It is also one of the main components of our body and the primary element for our metabolism. Of course, what I speak about is water.
So you see that the e-liquid contains elements that are not poisonous, as is the case with tobacco. Thus, it poses no risk to our health and even tastes better. That is also because we can choose a sort of flavor on our own, from fruits to herbs and even to different drinks. Another positive aspect of e-liquid is the fact that you can even choose from varying degrees of nicotine, thus having complete control of the intensity of your smoking experience. So what is there not to like about electronic cigarettes? Yes, you're right, nothing!

How does it work?

Being a passionate smoker myself, I have thought about the topic many times and always tried to look at it from different perspectives. So I would claim that I know a thing or two about it.

In this entry, there is one topic that I would like to present to you in greater detail. That is related to a particular way of smoking which differs a bit from the traditional notion we usually know. Typically, we associate smoking with consuming tobacco. The way I want to discuss further, however, revolves around an alternative way. Before you get any wrong ideas, I do not want to write about chewing tobacco, snuff or snooze or something like that because I do not think that you can call this smoking in the narrow sense. What I want to write about is a way of smoking but with the restriction that you do not use tobacco for it. Instead, you use another substance which is similar to it. That one is the so-called e-liquid. People call it that way because you can only use it in combination with an electronic cigarette. That is what the "e" means.

Exactly that is the topic I want to write about because I think that using an electronic cigarette, or e-cig, for smoking is a real alternative to the traditional filter cigarettes. Some of you might now ask themselves how you could connect that to tobacco use in the classical sense. The answer to that lies in its effect. In theory, using an electronic cigarette has the same effect we as smokers enjoy. That effect is the feeling of relaxation which overcomes us while we inhale the smoke of a cigarette. There is one particular ingredient which enables that feeling we all appreciate that much. That one is called nicotine. In the narrow sense, we could even describe it as a soft drug. By the way, it has a similar effect than caffeine, which is the reason why many coffee drinkers also enjoy a good smoke from time to time. But, leaving that aside, the e-liquid of an electronic cigarette can also contain nicotine. The only difference in that respect is the fact that it does not necessarily have to. As an e-liquid does not contain tobacco and is an artificial product, producers can vary the ingredients freely. So you can find e-liquids containing more or even less nicotine than traditional cigarettes. There are even ones which do not contain any nicotine at all. So you as a user of electronic cigarette are free to choose how intensive your smoking experience is supposed to be in combination with the degree of nicotine you want to consume. That way, you get a little authority over your smoking. In my humble opinion, this is one of the main arguments that convinced myself to start using electronic cigarettes.

I do not want to be dependent on the degree of nicotine contained in a particular cigarette of an individual brand because I want to decide for myself what I want to smoke with every cigarette used. By smoking an electronic cigarette, you can adapt the filling to every usage, giving you and only you the freedom of decision when it comes to your smoking experience. And that is how it should be, or would you not agree to that at all?

How to buy an e-cigarette

The reasons for wanting an e-cig are of various nature and become apparent when you think of all the issues connected with traditional smoking. As it would likely fill much more space to write about that, I would prefer not to talk about in this entry because it might get too long and I do not want to overload my readers with too much information.
So if you want to have an electronic cigarette, there are a few things to consider before you can start. At first, you need a cigarette and an e-liquid so you can smoke. What sounds easy enough at first glance might be a bit more complicated. The reason for that is that there is a lot of different models you can choose from in the shop. If you have not carefully thought through what you want from your particular electronic cigarette, then you will inevitably lose quite an amount of time, which is not necessary. To avoid that situation, it is therefore strongly recommended to ask oneself some questions about one's smoking behavior before buying an e-cig.

How often do I smoke? If you smoke occasionally, then you might not want to invest large amounts of money. It would not make any sense to buy an expensive model when you do not have enough opportunities to use it. That would be a waste of your money, and I am sure you would not want that, let us just be honest here, believe me.
The next question is: Where do I smoke? Particularly connected to that issue should be the consideration whether you use cigarettes underway or at home. Many smokers enjoy their habit only when they are at home because it is comfortable there and they can have a moment of peace there. Others may prefer a cigarette when they are traveling and use their cigarettes to calm down from all the stress. The reason why this question is important is that you need a socket for your electronic cigarette. For it is an electronic device, which you can see also from its name, the e-cig runs through the help of a battery which charges the heating elements inside the tank to vaporize the e-liquid within.

So without a full battery, an e-cig cannot function properly. That point is crucial remember. If you are a smoker, who needs a cigarette while underway, then you might get problems with finding sockets all the time. In that case, you would need a battery which can save a bit more energy so that you can also smoke when you do not have a socket available. That way, you will not have to relinquish smoking.

After considering these two questions in advance, then you should have a small impression on what model could be the best for you. It should then be easier to find a suitable model, and you can concentrate on the search for exactly the cigarette that you want to have.

My experiences

Hello out there, this is another entry in my blog about smoking. I am glad that you are here. Before I start this article, I wanted to tell you about the topic we will handle in the next few lines. As this blog is about smoking and I am a passionate smoker myself, my idea was to share some experiences I made with you. Hopefully, you can profit from that, and it might even lead to some inspiration for your smoking behavior.

The central topic in this entry will be about the electronic cigarette or also e-cig. A few months ago, I bought one, and I must say that I am very content with it. In fact, I am that content with it that I even stopped smoking tobacco cigarettes. The reason for that is that there are so many advantages that regular cigarettes just do not have. In the following lines, I would like to present to you some important ones.

First of all, e-cigs pose no potential risk to the health of its consumers. As we all know, tobacco contains more than 50 ingredients which help to get cardiovascular diseases like apoplexy or heart attacks and various forms of cancer. Those are grave illnesses which we should not take lightly, and every smoker should be aware of the fact that he has an increased chance of getting them. Using e-cigs, on the other hand, do not include that risk. The reason for that is that they do not use tobacco in the narrow sense, but some sort surrogate material which resembles it. That one is the so-called e-liquid. It consists of a material which is not poisonous. For it is artificial, many different recipes can include more or less nicotine in comparison to traditional cigarettes or even none at all. That is interesting because nicotine is mainly responsible for the effect of relaxation many smokers desire. So by using e-cigs, you not only minimize your potential of getting grave illnesses, but you can also regulate the strength of the effect you get from smoking by choosing a stronger or weaker liquid.

Another advantage is that there are many different flavors of q-liquid you can choose. The traditional cigarette has only one taste: that of burned tobacco. If you use an e-cig, on the other hand, you are free to choose from many different flavors. They include all you can imagine, from fruits to herbs and even cocktails. Have you always wondered how a chocolate cigarette might taste? Now you can try it!

If that is not enough for you, then I have yet another advantage of e-cigs for you. As you do not inhale smoke but rather a fog, your environment will not suffer from your habit. There have been many discussions about smokers endangering the people standing next to them while they smoke. That has even lead to the obligation that smokers had to quit building so that they do not pose a risk to others. Also, traces of smoke can remain within buildings, for example in the furniture or the curtains. With e-cigs, that problem is non-existent. So you do not have to feel bad about posing a risk to your environment when you enjoy an e-cig.

All in all, I think these are the most important advantages you can have by renouncing traditional tobacco filter cigarettes. After I quit them and started using the new alternative method, I feel that I now enjoy smoking much more than before, given all those advantages. So maybe you now think the same or at least start thinking about it. Anyway, I hope you liked this short article and enjoyed it.



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