in shopping mall - Gemini Park Tychy

Gemini Park Tychy is a newest shopping mall located in Tychy, Poland. Its interior, although commercial, is warm and friendly. This has been achieved both through the selection of furniture, which in many cases are the "icons" of design, and also through bright, natural materials. Characteristic elements of the passage are: a strip of natural oak panels over the windows and details exhibiting the raw reinforced concrete structure.

Our role, as wayfinding & environmental designers was to fit within this friendly & warm atmosphere. Our project included the graphic & industrial design of signage system for: internal shopping passages, staircases, car parks and the surrounding external area of the mall. We have prepared unique set of pictograms & developed the whole graphical language of the system (including: selection of font, color palette, preparation of environmental graphics & repetable graphic elements, selection of finishing materials, etc). 

The result is a system that looks like a complement part of the interior design and at the same time be clearly legible for people of many ages.
We chose friendly color palette & selected and extremely pleasant font: Skolar Sans. The combination of these elements has made it possible to create a truly enjoyable experience.


Design: Blank Studio: Aleksandra Krupa, Bartłomiej Witański, Weronika Mehr, Adrianna Sowińska,
Year of implementation: 2018
Photo credits: Michał Jędrzejowski


1. Graphic elements
Pictograms style (selection) / color scheme / repetable graphic elements that built the system look & feel

2. Wall grahics
Environmental graphic design on walls

3. Carriers
Freestanding pylons & others

4. Parking & outside
Sigange design in the parking area

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Wayfinding system in Gemini Park Tychy mall