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    Submission for the MICA Spring '13 Competitive Scholarship Application.
Casual Reminder, 2012
paper and watercolor
Each "spike" in the wings of this paper crane is a scroll of paper, inscribed with a personal insecurity, worry, or fear. 
Strong Like Bull, 2012
cardboard, Band-Aids
Exploring the ways in which we seek to protect ourselves, and the naïvety (and fragility) of those ideals.
That Which Rustles, 2012
chicken wire, plaster gauze, newspaper, wax paper, LED light
A ritual mask, to be used in celebration of the wind.
Psalm of Polyhedra, 2012
walnut ink & ballpoint pen on paper
An examination and reimagining of themes found in early medieval religious art.
Give Us Today Our Daily Pills, 2013
plaster, dirt, acrylic paint, methylphenidate tablets
A comment upon the so-called "epidemic" of ADHD, and the widespread faith in and reliance on medication for the disorder. A cast of the artist's hands cradles the pills reverently, mimicking the position in which one would recieve the Christian holy communion.