ITALY 2017
Here's a few shots I took from my last trip to Italy.  I wasn't there for a photo trip but I decide to bring my DSLR for the first time in vacation.  I used to travel only with my Nikkormat and a 50mm lens which did the job for a while but I wasn't very satisfy of the contrast and resolution of the final result (I could have scan my film for higher resolution but it's a costy job for the quality of gear I had).  

I'm quite surprise by the results I was able to get from my old D300 with only a 50mm 1.4.  I need to say that just the lens was an upgrade since the 50mm f2 on the nikkormat was getting a bit tired and didn't output as nice color on contrast anymore.

This album is nothing really fancy but a few shots that I thought worth to share.  I really enjoy (and always will) sunset and you might notice that took a lot (too many) shot of it but for sunset lovers like myself, I hope you'll enjoy.
It wasn't intended to do a commercial picture but I'm open to any offer.  The beer was good and refreshing knowing the warm climate of southern Italy.
Here's a shot for one of our friend who made the skirt and needed some footage for promotion.  Light modification made since I prefer keeping everything as is (but not for color grading).
Not a professional model shot, we were on a walk and the color were quite nice altogether
La Dia
Here's some silly shots I wasn't to confident to but in large size, take it as a bonus.