Xarxa Oberta de Catalunya  
Xarxa Oberta de Comunicació i Tecnologia de Catalunya is the joint company created by Axia Net Media Corp. and Imagina Media Audiovisual with the goal of deploying and operating the network of fiber optic telecommunications in Catalonia.
The Xarxa Oberta identity image is built around the design of their brand with the wish to convey the concepts inherent to this technology: connection, competence, transparency, aperture, speed, future.
The logo that has been created shows a connection node of four elements interrelated through colour and transparency. It develops in a radial direction that expresses the idea of movement. The typography of the logo has been designed based on modules with curves, an analogy for "cable" or "fiber" as an essential element for transmitting data. For other promotional applications we also used the idea of "fibers" to create a consistent corporate graphic style.
Logo construction
Shapes & Colors process
Color Palette & Logo aplication
Corporate Typeface
Motion Graphics / Styleframes
Stationery & Website
Direction & production: Zeligstudio
Creative Direction: Ana Zelich
Graphic design team: Thais Altès, Mireia Pons-Llorach
Production: Fabiana Andreatta