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Robo NoGo
By: Richard White
I've come up with something that can change the way the world receives and BLOCKS Spam and ROBO CALLS forever!
This device is called The "Robo NoGo". Its a very easy device to use.
Step 1: Plug in your device Step 2: Start Blocking, Reporting, and Having those robo and spam callers fined $1,500 for each call they make.
Simple as that!
Not only does this device fully automatically decline potential spammers and annoying pre-recorded calls, but it also does the following...automatically without you ever having to touch the device;
● Report calls to FTC
● Add your number to Do Not Call List
● Keep Track of potential IP address calls, robo calls, and foreign unlisted or unknown aliases
● Pre-programmed with all rogue calling numbers known to the call prevention registry
● Block unwanted callers
● Block PPI callers
● Block Withheld callers
● Block Certain International Call. Users can change this as needed.
● Block IP/Chat/Back end Internet Calls
● Stop harassment calls
● Stalkers 
● Overseas call centers, and in USA
● Faxes
● Recorded messages(They can no longer even leave a message on your machine because the Robo NoGo does not allow those blocked users to do so)
Features of Robo NoGo:
-USB port
-Dual Ethernet ports
-Dual Phone line ports
-Sleek and minimalistic design
-Color options
-The size of your hand!
Vote for the Robo NoGo to help get rid of all those annoying calls!
Thank you for reading.
Vote for me and leave awsome comments so i can win!