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    CV and "my" instruction manual.
Special thanks to Alice Paccagnella who illustrated my resume.
Shall we be serious for a while? Well, there's Linkedin for that! Feel free to check my profile.  
My friend Marina asked me to create a little instruction manual about myself for her photographic project "Istruzioni per l'uso". Below is the result.
Take a look at the whole project here.
If I had a moustache...
In summer watermelon it's enough to make me happy, truly happy.
A good morning is when the alarm clock ring only once. Or never.
I feel a bit British inside.
And if you ask me why, I'll reply wherefore.
I've always prefer arithmetic exercise book, even for Italian lessons.
I would like to dot my i's, even if it's not right.
If I had a moustache I would be a cat.