Ash desk for Zegen
Photo by Sergey Savchenko​​​​​​​

A modern workplace, inspired by a visit to libraries, when it becomes necessary to stay in solitude. The tissue partition creates its own special atmosphere of isolation.
Soft lines and dark colors have a long working time, when nothing will be distracting.
In the center of the table top, under the cover, there is a hole for convenient localization of cables and cords. Thus, order is maintained in the workplace and its aesthetic appeal.
Desk ASH should not be hidden in the corner of the room or near the wall, because it will definitely become a bright and noticeable part of any interior.
The color variation of both the table and the lining allows you to organically fit it into any interior.
The table has a folding structure and is packed in a flat box.

"Ash" winner of the Red Dot Award 2019​​​​​​​

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