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Label Love: The White Briefs
The White Briefs: Less is More
As far as staple undergarments go, The White Briefs have carved itself a niche in the crème de la crème of underwear design. With its continuously expanding range of high-end, luxury lounge- and underwear, the thriving Swedish fashion label has developed impeccable fits with magnificent luster and a lightweight feel.
For the founders of The White Briefs, husband-and-wife team Peter and Henriette Simonsson, the voyage commenced in 2009 as a devoted project to create the perfect pair of diligently crafted, lush feeling briefs.
In providing unparalleled quality of product, the duo aspired to conceptualize their sartorial vision on functional design, or as Peter puts it, “taking classic styles and using simple minimalistic details with exceptional stitching to give an updated, modernized version of timeless silhouettes”.
In so doing, they resorted to their crisp spaced design studio in southern Sweden to establish a product that is simple, clean, unbranded and completely basic down to its core elements. As a testimonial to this “less is more” adage, a laid back look is key. As stated, “clean aesthetics, manners, humanity and invigorating ideas are important pillars in The White Briefs day-to-day philosophy.” As such, transparency and a fair and honest manufacturing process are primal. 
In line with this, social and environmental responsibility rank high for the underwear brand. With underwear being the item of clothing closest to the skin, protecting the most intimate and delicate parts of the body, specification of the meshwork itself is a pivotal element. Accordingly, super soft, premium pima cotton, certified for sustainable development by the Global Organic Textile Standard, is extensively incorporated. As one of the most exquisite types of organically farmed yarns selected from local Peruvian eco-communities, it is considered one of the most superior and luxurious blends of cotton fibres. Moreover, the cotton fabrics are exceptionally absorbent, durable and highly resistant to pilling. Yet, with an archive of various cloths in their studio, innovative textile mixes are also readily integrated.
In tandem with this design ethos, several inspiring collaborations have been accomplished over time, adding besides the archetypal knickers, also kimonos, lounge pants, shorts and robes to the collection. In partnership with style arbiter and menswear legend Nick Wooster, the label has successfully released boxer briefs, t-shirts and crew neck tops with a classic camouflage print, packaged in a custom box covered in matching camo.
Similarly, The White Briefs joined forces with bi-annual gentlemen’s style magazine Fantastic Man to design a selection of sumptuous underwear, resulting in comfortably fitting, double layered briefs.
After more than four years in the market, The White Briefs, as the epitome of casual understatement with a sleek, refined twist, has established itself among the leading lounge wear stores in the world. Consecrated to quality and sustainable production, The White Briefs is unassailably a beacon of light in an industry otherwise domineered by mass production and often less than desirable cuts, fabrics and designs.
Label Love: The White Briefs

Label Love: The White Briefs

As far as staple undergarments go, The White Briefs have carved itself a niche in the crème de la crème of underwear design. With their continuou Read More


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