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    The concept of the photo shoot was inspired by the song 'Gorecki' of the band The Lamb.
A Nymph bathed in the sigh of a Mortal. A Mortal wrapped in the warmth of a Nymph.
A woodland nymph, a female spirit of a tree, unconditionally accepted the completeness of her heart through a very dedicated mortal guy, who embraced the mystical metamorphosis in the name of love. In this charmed realm, lives their true peace. Here their hearts knows calmness, safe in each other’s soul. The tree is their love—a long-grown love. It takes blood, sweat, and tears to nurture a healthy plant, a steadfast soil, and a fertile fantasy. Black is neutral, universal and forever in style. Black is their concord. Black is the intimacy of a nymph and a mortal. 
Behind the scene, body painting my model, Prince Lotus
Models: Prince Lotus and Sofia Costales