The Childhood Narratives project conceptually explores the past childhood experiences of twins – a girl and a boy – interpreted through a twofold narrative of illustrations and animations accompanied with soundtracks. It was intriguing for me to be able to represent and compare the perspectives of two individuals of the same age who were exposed to a similar upbringing within the same family. This project seeks to evoke a sense of mystery and aims to leave the narrative to the subjective interpretation of the viewer. 

Initially, the information was gathered through two interviews conducted with the twins to explore nostalgia and identity formation by understanding their past childhood experiences and their respective evoked emotions. Here I started creating conceptual illustrations and animations according to the emerging themes. All the animations are created through rotoscoping, which is an animation technique were one traces over motion picture footage, frame by frame, to produce realistic action. 

Ultimately I want to provide the viewer with an immersive experience by delving into aspects of the senses. That is why during the interview a Muse headband, which employs electroencephalography (EEG) technology, was worn by the participants to monitor their brain activity. The resulting graphic brainwave images were used to create soundtracks for each illustration and animation, which were inspired by what was said in the interview itself.


A set of illustrations were created from reference photos owned by the participants. The twins were asked to bring photos which have a special meaning connected to their childhood. The connected paths in these illustrations are generated from an eye tracking device that tracked the movement of the participants’ eyes along the original photo.


Childhood Narratives