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    Logo and identity for a conference in New York.
Identity for First Round — a one-day showcase of original presentations made to clients showing initial design explorations for logo, identity, and branding projects — organized by us. 

The inaugural First Round took place in New York, NY, on May 11, 2018. (More First Rounds are being planned in new cities!)

Usually, we put a lot of time and thinking into what the identities for our events are but for this one we wanted a simple identity that would look engaging and attractive and that could be applied efficiently. We opted for a purely typographic solution with a monospace font as the primary choice and a simple framing device based on the thickness of the font. Nothing groundbreaking but fairly pleasing for implementation.
Color variations.
The monogram came after we realized we needed something for the badges that would require a smaller footprint but made a big impact. A simple squeezing of the logo into its initials, “FR”, with a helpful notch at its center for both readability and laser-cut-ability did the trick.
Monogram development.
Monogram color variations.
Perhaps the deepest concept about the identity is the monogram animation, that brings together and separates the monogram in different directions… just like the different design directions presented during a first round. Told you it was deep.
Monogram animation.
The idea of the different directions lead to a pattern that could be read in any, well, direction.
Sample slides from the event.
Badges, made of laser-cut acrylic glued to color paper.
To play off of the name of “First Round” — as in the first round of a competitive match — we thought it would be fun to do scarves like the ones soccer fans love to love. We loved how these ones turned out.
Scarves to help identity volunteers.
Event photos. All photos by Kara Smarsh.
Badge “holes” : )
For more information visit underconsideration.com/firstround and maybe we will be in a city near you.