Procedural design projects
I have been interested in the intersection between design and coding for a while. Below, you will see different designs that I coded - meaning, they are outputs from algorithms. I have used different languages to code designs, such as Processing, CSS3, and JavaScript.
T-shirt to raise funds for UW students struggling with housing
I won a design contest organized by Associated Students of the University of Washington. This t-shirt will be sold to gather funds for UW students who struggle to pay rent.
Logo for Brian Jonestown Massacre
Brian Jonestown Massacre is one of my favorite bands. I watched their concert for the second time in Seattle in May 2018, and felt compelled to create the design below based on the lyrics of "Maybe Tomorrow" — I got some pills, I got a bottle of wine, and I'm feeling fine, I don't miss you no I don't miss you at all. After I tweeted this design, BJM's leader Anton Newcombe retweeted it, and what followed was the biggest number of views and likes that I have ever received.
I've also been playing around with animating these procedural designs.
Finally, below you can see a few beautiful glitches that I have produced unintentionally. At least I find them beautiful...