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    Seacat Creative Emblem
Seacat Creative is an international social media marketing company. They have a huge reach in the outdoor sports and hunting industries. They specialize in establishing and maintaining a companies presence across multiple social media platforms.

In the same way Seacat Creative seamlessly connects it’s clients and their customers, a river delta connects rivers to larger bodies of water. Deltas are formed from the deposition of sediment over long periods of time, reinforcing Seacat Creative's deep rooted, Montana origin. Rivers are nature's highway. They play a massive role in every outdoorsman's life and are very pertinent to the demographic Seacat works with. The design utilizes four lines hinting to the convergence of rivers. The shape created in the negative space in the center eludes to the classic reverse funnel shape seen in aerial views of a delta. Style-wise, this design is sleek and iconic. It has the ability to stand as the face of Seacat Creative, and maintains a strong metaphorical meaning that connects it to the roots of the company.