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    Wall coverings mounted storage system design
Incognito is a multi-functional facade system. This interior solution’s advantage is its storage function being hidden from the observers. Only authorized persons have access to its content, because it has lockable parts. The safely-stored documents and objects can be reached by an integrated Proxy-based smart card system.
As a result, even frequently visited areas, corridors can store up large quantities of documents, protected from unauthorized accesses.
Incognito’s aesthetic function is its dominant role in spaces. The sculpture-like appearance attracts attention, it makes its environment dynamic. However, it also deflects the attention from its additional function, the safe storage, so it is possible to use publicly or in separated areas. The system is flexible and can easily adapt to local conditions, its decorative surface can be easily changeable to suit your needs.
With this furniture-system, we are able to store a lot of documents in public places without any unauthorized access. It helps us to maximize our storage capacity. With its electronic lock system, it produces easy-to-use access.