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    RAAR (Roem Autone Augmented Reality) Outer Spaces - International street art festival Powered by expextar.com
RAAR - Roem & Autone Augmented Reality is an experimental project which tries to merge streetart and AR technology. Roem and Autone prepared 4 digital animations in Graffuturistic stylistic. You can see them at Your Android smartphone / tablet after launching special RAAR aplication, prepared by ExpectAR, when You look at 4 facades of real buildings (Wierzbięcice 13, 37, Górna Wilda 94, 100) located in Poznań Wilda district (it works also with a photos of them)*. Facades are shown at the map painted together with infograffiti including instructions how to use RAAR at one of the buildings in the center of Wilda. 

Project was realized as a part of Outer Spaces Festival 2012 in Poznań.
* Photos of the facades