Depression amongst Hong Kong youth is on the rise - even though on social media these same people may appear ‘happy’. So, for The Samaritans 24-hour suicide hotline we created outdoor posters to let people know there was someone there to listen.

Each illustration was crafted out of embroidery using 1.2 million threads. On one side, the posters featured a typical selfie. The other side showed the same image in reverse, with loose threads unravelling off it, representing the real ‘hidden’ depressed side of our subjects - plus the number to call for help.

The poster series got shortlisted at Cannes Festival of Creativity in 2018.

Client: The Samaritans (Hong Kong)
Agency: Ogilvy & Mather (Hong Kong)

CCO: Reed Collins
Creative Director / Head of Art: Michele Salati
Creative Director: Matthew Nisbet
Creative Director: John Koay
Senior Art Director: Andy Chan
Senior Art Director: Stratos Efstathiou
Junior Art Director: Vivian Lam
Copywriter: Ollie Davis
Project Manager: Jennifer To
Jordan Wei: Global Account Management
Producer: Grace Chung
Photography + Videography: Lucy McNally
Embroidery done by Ercigoj Embroidery

THE SAMARITANS - Unravelling