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    My first experience.
Planet of Apes. Samurai Mask. Wolf King. Taurus. Plague Doctor
Planet of the Apes
This illustration was my first step in this style. Rage, madness, anger, all these feelings I tried to express in this illustration.
Ape gone mad on the War of Independence.
Poor bastard.
Samurai mask
I spend 4 evening’s, 3 night’s. Was very hard for me to draw octopus tentacles. Many circles and dots. I hated them, but now I think I can do better.
Samurai whose soul was poisoned by Oni.
Wolf King
I like his crown, hands and fur mantle.
Mad king of mad kingdom.
I've been experimenting with hair, trying to draw it more natural.
Distraught creature from the island of Crete.
Plague Doctor
I combined the elements of different eras in this figure. This idea struck me as interesting. I tried to use it more often in further illustration.
Plague Doctor was final image in this series.
I was trying to draw as much detail as I could.