Stealthscape is a top-down momentum based speed game that has you pitted against a wide variety of enemies and obstacles while you try to quickly make your way to the portal at the end of each stage!
The developer of the game is a close friend of mine, so I helped him out by creating the branding, the ingame UI as well as a website that fit the aesthetic of the game.
The logo was heavily inspired by the artstyle of the game, featuring a very blocky, bold and compact typography with a huge emphasis on the drop shadow, another key aspect of the games visual style.
Initial concepts of the main menu
The initial sketches were all made and refined in Adobe XD. I talked with the developer of the game multiple times during that time. While the main idea behind the design concept always stayed the same, we both worked on refining the UI to suit the gameplay as well as hiding engine complications with my initial concepts.
The game UI had to be as simple as the artstyle and harmonize with it. It was also very important to not use colors, as the game features multiple color palettes that all have to work with the UI. Lastly, interaction design was another important aspect that gave the menu an interesting new component.
Final version of the website
The main focus of the website was to showcase the unique artstyle, gameplay scenes and the main features of the game, together with call to actions for the games discord server and steam page. It heavily features the very simple and clean artstyle with an emphasis on hard shadows.