Casa Pura - Decoração com História
Branding // 2018

Casa Pura is a "heart" project. It was born of will and necessity. The will to create and the need to show that the artisan, sustainable is not the past but the way to go for everyone in the future. It is a return to origins, to the simple, to the pure. It is a recognition to the people of the past and an opening of arms to those who will populate our future. It is more than a store or a business. It is an option, a way of being in life and a family project.

This was the motto for the project that was born in Vila do Conde, and Inspirina accepted the challenge to create a unique identity, simple and according to the message that was intended to create with the target audience. The entire visual identity was developed, the message was defined and the brand was applied in all communication media, from labels, shop window decoration, small details that are applied in the own brand products, and defined all the communication in the forms digital images.