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    T-shirt design for metal band, Suicide Silence
Suicide Silence. What can you say. These guys paved the way for a new breed of metal, graviton heavy, loud, fast, technical, and very brutal. They were probably one of the first big-name bands that have trusted me as far as tshirt design was concerned. I owe part of the growth of my career as an illustrator to this band, and Mitch Lucker. Such a shame he is no longer with us today.
Anyway, the gave me a rich brief! Precise, at the same time enough room to wiggle in a few crazy ideas of my own. Initially, the concept was a summer tee but with a huge difference... copious amounts of BRUTAL. Here was one of my first sketches:
We felt that the merman himself was pretty weak. We wanted the chaos and the destruction to be super-awesome and wild! So I changed him into a Sand Monster. I stuck to having all the members within the illustration to keep it consistent.
Getting there. We realized that now, the crab looks terribly weak against this huge Sand Monster behind him, so we changed the over-all expression and it instantly added more life to the illustration! Amazing how a few small details could do so much!
Below is the final tee!
and here is Attack! Attack! wearing the design I made for SS while performing Smokahontas. Enjoy!