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    Site-specific installation(?), exhibited at the Dak'Art Biennale, 2018




the air and the worlds is a selection of illustrations and texts derived from my journals. it seeks to direct and provoke a slow, cozy internal flow that tickles different stages of accessing/glimpsing 'truth'. truth here is embodied in the progressive movement through notions of language, pace and the strangeness of everything. a playful representation of the pursuit of 'honesty' in complexities, in the rawest/easiest/real-est way possible. 

it is a contemplation of remembering, forgetting, endings, beginnings, the whelms of being stuck in the motion of many things happening at once,,

the evolving boredom, playfulness and absurdity we behold in response to continuous senseless complexities. 

the magnitude & seriousness of our exhaustion and our continuously challenged resilience, in tuning in with the strangeness and 'ongoingness' of it all.

from all that, to the quest of being spacious, gentle, warm, real, intimate and witty.

it is an attempt to converse by presenting the personal yet universally shared childishness of being lost and tired. the impossibility of stopping the unnecessary madness and pain we swim through and rely-on to find meaning and flavor in surviving everyday, despite our cleverness.

and finally,

the impossibility of smoothly sustaining our immersion in music, in warmth, in wonder, 
in intimate companionship 

and peaceful sleep.