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Meta Rebranding
Meta is an augmented-reality goggles manufacturing & softwares developing company based in Silicon Valley. The founder of the company majored in neuroscience and he implements Meta's own unique design guidelines to the products and user experience. The augmented reality goggles are see-through and the user is able to touch and move objects in the augmented reality in very natural and intuitive ways. The design guidelines minimize the learning curves and reject the traditional file-decoding system.

The company believes that people shouldn't be confined in rectangular screens of technology, but rather be able to see each other's hands and eyes to make the working environment and experience more healthy and effective. They envision to help people be more able and natural when using technology. This belief was present in their previous identity, but lacked the strategic positioning regarding their target audience since their primary market was business to business. The new identity needed to capture the trustworthy and professional qualities of Meta's brand while keeping the humanistic images.
The logo captures the humanistic qualities of Meta in a simple and optimistic manner. In a world overwhelmed with rapidly advancing technology, I believed that Meta should stay true to its values and focus on the people rather than technology and innovation.

The physical qualities of the logo represent a human figure to show that Meta is a humanistic brand. An eye and a compass can also be seen in the logo, telling the story of technology guiding people to an optimistic future.
Photography style relates back to the idea of humanism. Photography on people emphasizes the texture of skin and silhouette of figures. Product photography highlights the intuitive and human-friendly forms and curves of the product. 
Meta Rebranding