Lithograph 4: Waterfall Dreams
Lithograph 4: Waterfall Dreams
The Xerox Disaster: Tripple the price -  twice the work =/

After the success of the previous xerox on the litho stone, I thought nothing of what was to come next. And, so, quickly on my way from work - I stopped by at a stationary stop and asked for a 3X enlarged xerox copy of my sketch. It was three times more expensive though. In Rio, the neighbourhoods definitely run the charges, or so I thought.

I registered the flimsy photocopy on the stone, registered the stops. Then took a fresh newsprint, drenched it in thinner, till my lungs exploded. Hence, the new gas mask that makes me look badass. In the picture above, my husband can be seen in his new freshly acquired out of the shower look:  Che GasMan in front an old but accurate map of Paris.

After running it through the press twice, there was major disappointment and discovery at the reveal.

Digital and non traditional photocopier shoot blanks

First transfer image did not come up, the second one was blurred, and missing tint in many areas. So, it all turned out to be tripple the price, and twice the work, AAAAAAargh!!

So back to the grind...grinding, graining the image clear from the stone.

Second time's a charm, the xerox on Lithos was excellent. Advice learnt, walk twice the blocks, to the old and trusted stationary shop, ask for 3 traditional xerox copies. Walk back, hold your breath, hold everything and go for the lethal thinner attack again.

Easy peezy, so very beautiful and sleek.

Finally, used a copal no.5 litho crayon for a bit of shading on the image. And, then the usual process of pat, powder and moisturise repeated, before the 2 rounds of etching.
The Etching: The lines are etched, deep, clear and bold.
The Printing: " Slip, slide melting... " - For love not Lisa

Which reminds me, they surely can't be remaking The Crow, for surely not. No. Anyway, coming back to printmaking; this whole printmaking experience, the labour, the anticipation, the reveal, there is no greater rush.

'Lord, I would die for you...'
Waterfall Dreams

Shut your eyes,
Close them tight...
Open your eyes,
... don't let your presence your slide

- plunge in,
Wash away 
... in a dream
swim in.
Slowly. building...FURIOUS STREAM


submerge, sit up...indulge
Let the pressure wash over your skin,
Peel off your kin, shred it to your bones,

Regrow your flesh from the bloom of shroom,
Regenerate | revitalize | refresh | reenergize

Close your eyes,
Open your eyes,
Choose what you wish to see...

this world a vision - you behold.

Lithograph 4: Waterfall Dreams

Lithograph 4: Waterfall Dreams

This is my 4rth lithograph attempted using the Xerox technique. The image is a sketch done a few weeks ago.


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