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    Pan - Barnhusbron - central Stockholm view
Stockholm Central station is really amasing. 
In the center of the image you can see the street and on the left side of it there is a hotel I was living in and I have not heard any noise from trains. I would not have an idea I was leaving next to the huge train station if I have no map and do not make any walk around. 
Next thing about this place is the park across the river where you can see some trees on the right. Apart from a lot of people running in the park which is quite common for Stockholm we have seen hairs and in ducks. 
On the horison you can see the Stockholm City Hall which is the very center of historical part of the city and the huge Central station itself is also there. Surprisingly it does not seem to be a mess having historical center and transportation center in one place while I do not think it will work well anywhere else.