Prâslea The Brave and the Golden Apples
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    A comic book inspired by Romanian fairy tales that can become reality with your support!
My dream is to turn several traditional Romanian tales into a 80 pages graphic novel. And because I grew up it the time of fire-carriages and moving pictures, the book will also include elements of modern technology. Eventually, the comic album will have 80 pages in color and a hard cover, and will be a B5 format (17×25 cm).

The project includes drawing the panels, making the layout and printing the books. You can help me do this on go to - a Romanian version of Kickstarter.
This is what the finished book will look like -and this is just one of the awesome rewards for those who support the project!
The Elder Son - you can tell he's lots of fun, right?
The character pictured above is the second of the kings’ sons. I wouldn’t trust him if I were you…
And here’s the youngest of the brothers and the hero of our story.
The Bird of Wonder, she’s the trickester who sets the story in motion - but how can we tell who she works for?
Here is the Gray Wolf (coming in the story via a Russian tale). He’s a skilled shaman and a wise guide, so you can trust him all the way. Problem is, he doesn’t trust you, not even a bit…
The Dark King lives on The Other Side - from where he plans, of course, to take over the world. That explains the Vlad-the-Impaler looks, the napoleonic ambitions and the space-diver suit.
Legand has it that there is a princess waiting for the hero at the end of his journey.
Legend also sais that nothing is what it seems.
You can find more drawings here: