Rosatom - ATOMEXPO 2018

International Forum ATOMEXPO 2018 is the largest exhibition and business venue for meetings and negotiations of the world nuclear energy leaders. It was held again for the jubilee 10-th time in Sochi on May 14-16 this year. Radugadesign developed a creative stand concept and an installation for Rosatom. The projects revealed the important topic of the possibility of "international cooperation" in the creation of nuclear power plants from Rosatom throughout the world. 

The installation consisted of a single multimedia space combining projections on walls and floor, two Kuka robots, a hologram and light elements that were synchronized with each other.

Creative Director: Ivan Nefedkin

Zarina Isabekova
Aleksei Lozhkin

Account Management: Zarina Isabekova

Art Director: Alexander Abramov
Technical Director:  Evgeny Bespalko
Production Director: Roman Goobanov

Concept Artist:
Alexander Abramov
Sergei Voronov
Maxim Trofimov

Supervisor: Sergey Nikitin

3D artists/ Motion designers:
Alexander Abramov
Elen Elkiev
Egor Andrianov
Sergey Nikitin
Olga Moiseeva
Ivan Pronin

Music: Alexander Zaripov

With the technical support of the Inty company

Andrey Che
Kirill The
Еspecially thanks for inspiring us!