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    Inle Lake, the local tourist hotspot for the wealthy from Myanmar given it's lower temperatures this place offers an escape from the heat.
The 2 meter deep lake has to be kept well and this way of using a  row seems to be unique. 
Kids paddling to school. 
A young burmese boy still in Pajamas checks his net for fish.
With purple firgernails this boy asks for Money. 
Boats are the main way of transport around this shallow lake. 
During the main festival this bird boat takes 4 buddhas around the lake from twon to town. 
Nyaungshwe a few kilometers from the main lake is conecter through small rivers and canals. 
Stormy clouds and safe waters,
Inle lake, Myanmar's prime tourist destination, perfect climate and beautiful landscape. 
An amateur chess match takes places, tension is high both players still play with their queens, a horse, two towers and four pawns. Black is in a better position and after some baffling errors, just the difference in position made black overwhelm his opponent. This is life in Inle Lake, where it all seems to be patient and in tension, where tourists who trek from Kalaw arrive and those less adventurous arrive by bus. 
An 11 mile long lake, stretching north to south, the main port being the village of Nyaungshwe in southern Shan State, Myanmar. With a population of about 80000, is the most densely populated village by travellers. 
People from the lake have some interesting farming techniques, they create small floating islands in which they cultivate tomatoes and some other fruits. Two monasteries are located in Inle lake, one even houses jumping cats. 
Fishing techniques are both ancient and modern, it seems that the preferred way of fishing is by large nets scattered across the lake, some other methods are still being practiced but more for a tourist picture, loosing the romance and lecturing us about human nature. 
To survive as the black player if you have an advantageous position it's almost guaranteed. But chances where alike, if the white player could capitalise on errors from the black he would of won. But the trembling hands of excitement of the black one was an omen of what was to come as the white king receded. 
Inle lake is the postcard of people from Myanmar, it's them that will be in the memories of those who visit this backward country. It still packs a beautiful landscape and some scenes are so marvellous they make you wonder and if you look a bit further there it is, a pose, a help to photographers.