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    Día de los Muertos is an ongoing documentary project that wishes to reflect upon the changes that happen in Sumpango during the Kite Festival.
Dia de los Muertos,
1st of November, nothing changes much in the highlands of Guatemala, but once a year in Sumpango giant kites soar from the mountains. A football field on the top of the hill is used as the launching place. Around town kite sellers and tourists gather to see the spectacle.

In Día de los Muertos people believe that their loved ones get closer to earth and the local cementery becomes a place of worship. 
The Cementery 2011
The Cementery 2010
Punch seller 2010
Punch seller 2011
The field 2010.
Volcan de Agua towers beside the gigantic kites in Sumpango. 
These kites are sometimes 10m (30 feet) in diameter.
A mist formed in 2011 after sunrise the crowds took cover under the benches. 
The first people to fly the kites are the younger generations flying smaller ones. Accidents happen as there are few safety precautions and the kites if they are unable to attain flight crash into nearby crowds. 
In 2011, it was a girl.
2010, kite seller. 
On the edge of the hill beside the football field kids gather to fly kites they made or bought.