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    A t-shirt paying homage to William Faulkner. Despite how confusing his writing can be at times, he still writes fine prose worthy to mull over.
This is a t-shirt that I created for my AP English class. I had wanted to create a t-shirt for our class, and The Sound and the Fury, by William Faulkner, was one of the books that we read in that class.  
The idea for the slogan "What The Faulkner?!" stems from how Faulkner's writing is sometimes hard to comprehend.  My journalism adviser told me about how in college she once threw a copy of Absalom, Absalom!, another novel by Faulkner, across her dorm room because she was so frustrated by Faulkner's writing.  One night after reading a confusing part of The Sound and the Fury, I thought, "Wait WTF just happened??!"  Thinking back to my journalism advisor's WTF moment and my own, it came to me that "WTF***" and "What The Faulkner?!" bear a resemblance. 
Mr. Paul Dunlap, one of the AP English teachers, drew the caricature of William Faulkner that is on the shirt. I took his drawing done on paper and scanned it into my computer so that I could work on the shading using Adobe Photoshop. I then chose an obscure quotation from toward the end of the book to put on the t-shirt: "...in and out of the myriad coruscations of immolation and abnegation of time."  Additionally, I chose the typography and designed the layout of the t-shirt. 
We had close to 120 orders for the shirt, both from students and English teachers. AP English students first wore these shirts on the day of the AP exam, and the testing room was filled with a sea of red-shirts! Below is a picture of the group of students taken after the test.