For me the start of the '12 school semester meant doing an internship. I was approached by the guys at Adagio Agency, and immediately loved everything about them.
Doing an intership means writing about the whole experience and putting together a document. And  in my studies —Devine, at the Hogeschool West-Vlaanderen— a document can't be just be delivered without a sharp design.
So I opened up InDesign for the first time and got aquinted with a lot of new things to keep in mind. Especially about the way typography and layout have to go together.

This document was intended to be printed 2-up with a saddlestitch, just like a good ol' newspaper, but limited by hardware and time, I decided to just go with A3+.
It contains a description of each project that I worked on, accompanied with screenshots, sketches, digital designs and the used skillset.
The attachments were included in a seperate folder, the size of the main document folded in half.

Fonts used are Tomasso (heading), Outage Cut (secondary heading) and Vollkorn (body copy intro and body copy).
Front of the main document and attachments document
Close-up of the index
Close-up of the left page of the first spread
One full project and it's sub-components
Detail of the ornamental graphics
Photos of my collegues and I conclude the main document
Example of the fonts used in the document