Lunds konsthall
Lunds konsthall
A Visual Concept
Date: June 2010
Client: Bachelor Project
Discipline: Brand Identity, Logo, Publication
Thanks to: Printus/Print sponsor

Lunds konsthall is a renowned Swedish art gallery with a history that goes back to the 1950's. However, the gallery has been struggling with a decreasing number of visitors over the last few years. Research, that was a big part of my project, showed that the communication with the audience wasn't effective and was perceived as old fashioned.

My aim was therefore to create a visual identity that represents today’s contemporary art scene and to communicate in a more accessible way. The visual identity is based upon a changeable logo that represents the current artist by integrating a cutout of his/her iris in the logo. This idea came from the famous quote “The eyes are the window of the soul.” In the invitation it's the artist him/herself who invites to the exhibition, and the little booklet that Lunds konsthall provides for free at the gallery contains an interview with the artist, to get a better understanding of the exhibition. The visual style of the identity is inspired by the significant architecture and atmosphere of the gallery.