Power Paperbox
Animation, Illustration, Paper cutting

This project was made under three days for Soompi's Exo fanart contest. The top 20 fan art pieces would be selected based on the highest volume of engagement on their hashtagged tweets. Soompi would then select the final 10 winners based on originality and creativity.

Since originality was one of the deciding factors, I settled on creating a paper art project. I knew not many people would choose that medium, so I thought I could get some extra points . However, considering engagement was also important I had to be fast in creating my entry, so I couldn't make something too complicated. Thus, I chose to mix two scenes from the MV: 
First I did some sketches on photoshop, which then I vectorized on Illustrator. This was my second time working in a similar project using my Cricut machine –a little cutting plotter– I had to keep in mind that I had to create vectors for each of the layers that were going to be cut.
I created the files in illustrator and then processed them in Cricut Design Space. To illustrate this, these are the parts that belong to the top part of the divider:
The same goes for each of the characters. Body, face, eyes, nose, mouth, clothing, shadows, highlights… Each individually cut and then put together with a little bit of glue.
I wasn't planning on adding any animation the box, but after putting everything together I felt that I could push the project further. I created some doors on Illustrator that I would later animate on After effects. Each one would be decorated with the member's symbol and would slide to reveal them, one by one. 
After some very simple sound design, the Power Box video was finished! Unfortunately I didn't win, but I was really fun to push my imagination and skills to create something I've never done before. 

Thank you for watching and appreciating the project! 

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Power Box


Power Box

This paper art project was for soompi's exo fanart contest. Inspired by exo's power music video I created a little paper box and I also added som Read More