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    Illustration and graphics for a book about 50 years of German Soccer League.
»Fast alles über 50 Jahre Bundesliga«

It was a world-premiere: This job is the first I did together with my husband (>> www.juergenfrost.com«).
He already worked with the authors Philipp Köster and Christoph Biermann - in germany well known because of their magazine »11 Freunde«.
I did the illustrations and some of the information-graphics and hand a lot of fun with soccer-stars haircuts, moustaches and crazy quotations.
Nerdy infographic, shows the geographical direction of the clubs’ arenas:
Infographic shows the distance-shots of the german leagues stars:
Visualisation about the number of gay soccer-players in 50 years of the german soccer-league:
Just a little help: Find the red player!
Illustrated names of soccer-players:
Germany loves Ailton
Germanys best keeper: Sepp Maier
Best german goal-getter ever and best hairdressed in the 60ties, 70ties and 80ties: Gerd Müller
Some information about early days of germanys soccer league:
This is about lyrics of soccerfans’ chants like everlasting love to the club and f… the police etc.
Two former steps and the final illustration about the heraldry of german soccer clubs. The final step combines typical elements of well known clubs with a little bit of irony...