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    T-shirt design for 8-Bit Zombie.
It is always a pleasure to design for the awesome 8-Bit Zombie. They always have the raddest briefs and most importantly, they trust my artist inclinations. I think that is what makes us a killer combo. 
This was one of two designs I did for the summer 2012 release of 8BZ. We both wanted this one to be crazy. Crazy we did. They wanted an image of gnarly 80's cartoons villains playing video games, and I ran with it. I was delighted too that they approve of my idea to sort of parodize it off the famous NES ad from the 80's. 
Initially, the cast was supposed to be Skeletor, Mumm-Ra, Destro, Cobra Commander and Beast Man, as seen on sketch 1.
We decided it was best we go with an all MOTU cast for the first team, and an all GIJOE cast for the second team. Hence, sketch 2.
The illustration is finally shaping up. Initially, the game screen was supposed to be Tetris, but both Ross and I agreed that we can cement the concept down by adding in an extra detail to the game screen, and that was to make it look like they were playing an old school fighting game with none other than MOTU characters themselves! I was excited to line and color this specific piece. 
A shot of the coloring process below.
and finally, the finished piece. Complete with text and other design elements that fuse everything together.
Villanous fun indeed. You can buy the shirt here! Thanks for looking.