​​​​​​​Selection of daily doodles and warmups.

I like for digital work to look digital, while taking hints from all the organic goodness of natural media like gouache, pencils, Riso print, etc. Brushes are not the central focus, but they get tweaked all the time. The main one, with ragged edge, has been evolving since Photoshop CS3. Recently I built a similar brush in Procreate.
Brush shapes are Photoshop defaults. "Hard round", rectangular “crayon/charcoal"(?) ...plus a triangle with rounded corners that I drew myself. Rough edges and textures come from "Tilt jitter", "Scatter", default Photoshop patterns or default "Noise" filter. 1% "Hue jitter" gives a little uneven color for each stroke inspired by gouache. On a rare occasion there’s a scanned piece of dirty paper or Kyle T Webster gouache brush somewhere on a layer with low opacity, Multiply or Overlay.