Giant Pop
This logo design concept for a multi-services creative studio. The direction suggested is creating a 4 layered popsicle representing the 4 types of creative areas the studio provides.
Giant Pop Logo
Giant Pop Logo Mockup
Giant Pop Logo 3D
安安思麥而 {An Smile Bakery}
This logo design project is for a Taiwanese bakery in China. The direction is feminine, simple, and warmth.
安安思麥而 Logo
安安思麥而 Logo Mockup
紙園 {zhǐ yuán}
This is a logo design project for a paper construction design studio in Taiwan. Most of their works are commissioned as the offerings for the dead which is a type of Buddhist ritual practiced in Taiwan.

紙園 Logo
紙園 Logo Mockup
Pink Guerrillas
This is a logo design project for an event organization formed by a group of female artists. The direction is inspired by the Gulabi gang in India. I had to use the sticks!
Pink Guerrillas Logo
Pink Guerrillas Logo Mockup
Hive Gallery
This is business card design project for an lowbrow art gallery. The direction suggested the bee hive element with the color of black & yellow as the theme.
Hive Gallery Business Card Front
Hive Gallery Buisness Card Mockup
Yana K
This is a logo, clothing tag, clothing package, and store bag concept design projects for a  female fashion brand.
Yana K Logo
Yana K Logo Mockup
Yana K Clothing Tag
Yana K Clothing Package
Yana K Store Bag
森斌 {sēn bīn}
This is a logo design project for a client in Taiwan. The direction suggested to use a goat and the two characters in the design elements.
森斌 Logo
森斌 Logo Mockup