Various mediums on various surfaces under varied influences during invariable time frames.
" he who Waits"

Ink, pencil and marker on paper, 30x30cm
"Of my neighbor in Autumn"

pencil, ink and markers on paper, 25x30cm
"Mooring bollard II"
pencil, ink and marker on paper, 30x40cm appr.
"Long afloat on shipless oceans"

pencil, acrylic and ink on paper, 50x60cm
"Lamberto Maggiorani"

pencil and acrylic (via collage) on paper, 40x40cm

Acrylic, ink and marker on canvas, 18x24 cm
Orphan of title, acrylic, pencil and marker on paper, 24x28cm
December 2012
"It's the deep rising to meet me"

Pencil, colored pencil, ink, marker and collage on paper, 2 separate drawings 40x40 cm each.

A self-portrait in two separate drawings, depicting one of my greatest fears, the deep sea. My red socks and beard come to my rescue.

Created throughout December, 2012.