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Meld - iOS / Android App (2012)

Meld was a passion project of mine a couple years ago. I wanted to develop an image blending and masking application for mobile that was a non-destructive editing tool that would allow multi-layer editing, masking and blending. 

I wanted to produce digital art on my mobile device whilst in transit and there was not lot of apps that allowed the kind of design freedom and flexibility to do non-destructive layer editing and blending on iOS and even less on android. So we set out to create it!

My Role
For this project my role was Digital Product Designer. I created the original concept for the app and planned the development strategy. Because of my technical background I was able to design the app from a technical point of view and worked closely with my co-developer friend.As part of this project we set out to have onboard assets that users could use as overlays for their create digital compositions. 

I decided to reach out to the community and found a number of talented artists who were happy to contribute to the app. So as part of this project I responsible for all communication and asset management for all artist contributions. I managed all the user testing with the community and once the app was ready for release I handled the marketing, promotion and also designed and built the website.

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Meld - iOS / Android App (2012)


Meld - iOS / Android App (2012)

A simple yet creative image blending & masking app for android and iOS. Creative Editing Include creative masking and blending techniques into y Read More