Absolut Vodka - Absolut Collection A/W 2012
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    ABSOLUT Collecection A/W 2012 is cocktail collection and lookbook, showing the trends for 2012.
Absolut wanted us to help them enlighten that they are creating new cocktail trends, not following them. But vodka is not the hottest spirit to create cocktails with, whiskey and other spirits with more distinct flavour is more popular within bartender community.
To find new trends within the cocktail industry we interviewed Sweden's leading bartenders and during the interviews we came back with four strong trends.
Taking inspiration from the fashion industry and how they package trends we created a collection of cocktails for the autumn/winter of 2012. 
For each trend we created one haute couture drink, a vision of the trend and two prêt-à-porter drinks that anyone could create at home. 
Trend: From plate to glass
Haute Couture-drink: Absolut Lechery
Trend: Deconstruktion
Haute Couture-drink: Absolut Savory Blossom

Trend: Minimalism & Maximalism
Haute Couture-drink: Absolut Ancient Cocktail
Trend: Storytelling
Haute Couture-drink: Absolut Monkey Wrench

Trend: Deconstruction
Prêt-à-porter-drink: Absolut 1920’s Martini
Trend: Storytelling
Prêt-à-porter-drink: Absolut Asmara Ice–Tea