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    Early is Everything campaign to launch Equidate's new pre-IPO trading platform.
Equidate needed to raise awareness for the launch of their new pre-IPO information and trading platform — a place where employees no longer have to wait to convert valuable stock holdings into cash and interested investors are not locked out of the market during a company’s high-growth, pre-IPO phase. 

We recognized that when it comes to investing, Early is Everything. To prove it, we offered people a second chance to get in on two of the world’s most successful companies — Facebook and Tesla — at their pre-IPO prices. The first sale sold out in under four minutes, while the second sale only needed one minute to deplete inventory, as people clamored for a chance to get in early.

As part of the campaign, we created a new logo, visual identity, and company positioning for Equidate. The client was so enamored of the campaign that they adopted “Early is Everything” as their corporate brand line and continue to use the video anthem developed for the microsite on all of their corporate channels.