DWD - Graphics, photography, illustration & artwork
  Graphics, illustration and photography...

    A real mix of my recent and not so recent work - in no particular order of merit, but I'm hoping that will make it a bit more interesting - you never know what you'll come across next! 
Above: A simple landscape in lead pencil with a "poster edges" effect enhancement put on with Photoshop, purely imaginary.
For use as a background to a website header.
I was quite pleased with the result, especially concidering I had 20 minutes and no reference.
The cartoon below was as much for fun as getting the information out there in an amusing way. Created completely in Photoshop CS 5. The photography is mine too.
Below:  12 page newsletter distributed to the 3,800 Hackney Homes residents in Clapton in Hackney, London.
Below: example newsletter page
Below: Newsletter centre spread.
Below: "Freshwell" Z fold leaflet.

Below: just a Photoshop exercise - to brush up on my technique:
Below: I did this illustration specifically for the base of a newsletter cover you'll come across further below
Below: visual for a brochure, client: Greek & Pure Quality Foods. Colour pencil and guache on CS10 board. 
Below: visual for a colour pencil and guache illustration (which was done on CS10 art board) for a brochure for Greek & Pure foods I did some time ago.
Below: A couple more guache on CS10 board "Greek & Pure" brochure illustrations, before retouching in photoshop.
Below: colour pencil background illustration for Greek & Pure brochure.
Also used in trade ad below it.
Below: A trade magazine advert for Greek & Pure Yogurt UK importers
Greek & Pure Quality Foods.
Below: This line drawing below was totally from my imagination
These "clipart" drawings are part of a collection I'm trying to create using Adobe illustrator to produce vector files.
Links to vector downloads of the clipart are on my Flickr stream, naturally enough in the "Clipart" set

Clapton "Area Action Plan" campaign ads
I produced the advert above for local authority councillors on a voluntary basis.
Living in Clapton I know how badly an Area Action Plan is needed.

The illustration was a simple pencil doodle I scanned and coloured in using Photoshop.

The one below was for email inclusion as well as print and web.
They've proved fairly successful in getting the message out and for explaining what an Area Action Plan is all about.

My Beecholme website 
I set up and run the site as secretary of the tenants and residents association as part of the voluntary work I do.
The photo montage was taken on a Canon D10, put together in Photoshop.
The site currently has some new pages: http:beecholme.blogspot.com and gets up to around 1,600 views a month. Not bad for a local issue site.
Of course, some visitors are attracted by more the general interest articles on subjects ranging from design to gardening.


The Clapton Arts Trust logo & launch.

See more visuals in separate project portfolio.
Below: the final logos, the second being for press/lower quality printing - created in Illustrator -  finished in Photoshop:

Below: visual - 3 section display for the trust's launch event.

Below: The final banner - about 7 foot high for the launch of the trust
Below: initially visuals for a web cover page.
It was used for the invitation to the launch, held in an old tram depot, with its cast iron beams and cast iron colonnade as illustrated.
Clapton Arts Trust website
Below: POS stand up A4 card for wine bars and pubs
Below: This Fun Day poster below was very successful.
Below: The "OVER 50?" leaflet below is a Z fold with the cover on the right and the back spread on the left two panels.

The main center spread below is made up from five different photos - the van took three because the graphic is acually on the other side of the van and I had to collage in the driver, warping the door in Photoshop and hand drew the top of the door's window frame.
Below: 5 meter wide PVC banner.
The Clapton Panel website/blog is for the local authority resident panel housing group in Clapton, Hackney. I've done all the graphics and do all the maintenance and updating.
Below: Bin artwork.
I first took a photo of sections of the brickwork and then did the artwork in Photoshop in large format to have it printed on sticky backed PVC.
In fact the PVC print is the same material all road signs are printed on.
They have been a great success and proved very resisitant to scuffing or weathering, as you'd expect.
The visual improvements to the estate has resulted in it being awarded the first 5 star national rating to a Hackney Homes estate from "Clean Britain" who judged it an attractive and pleasant place that visitors and residents alike can feel at ease in.


Below - a further mix of logos, photos, illusts, posters, ads.
While at Kew Gardens I was lucky enough to take the shot below. I really must get rid of the person standing near the door one day...
Below:  photographs taken at Maldon in Essex
 (with an old magnesium bodied Canon EOS 10D)
DWD - Graphics, photography, illustration & artwork

DWD - Graphics, photography, illustration & artwork

Mix of my recent and not so recent graphic design and artwork


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