Communication in an Organization

 Communication is the means by which people make a conversation to achieve the resolution on a particular issue. Communication involves two or more people exchanging messages in a definite environment. Effective communication is necessary for any organization because otherwise it is impossible to make an agreement between partners.   Communication is the process of transferring information from the sender to the receiver, so it is understandable for the interlocutor. It is any process that involves not only spoken or written methods of sharing information, but also body language and other signals that could transmit and emphasize a message.
 Nowadays business uses various forms of communication to achieve a positive result. Different situations require unique methods of providing necessary information via multiple means of communication. If one can find benefits and understand its mechanisms and influence in a particular situation, then it will help provide more effective communication in the future. The most widespread ways of communication in the organization are the following:
   * Face to face (or meetings) - one of the oldest and one of the most powerful because nobody can deny the huge influence of this process. When situation becomes critical, one should use this method to stabilize it and avoid negative consequences. Eye contact is the most impressive way to send a message for the receiver of information.
   * Email makes communication faster and thus more effective while giving an opportunity to keep the record of the interaction between partners.
   * Telephone gives an opportunity to hear the interlocutor; it makes the sender and the receiver of information interact with each other in an open manner, during the communication process.
   * Video - you can hold a conversation via camera online in real time. This method gives a chance to communicate with employees who are separated by a distance from each other.
 A group of people that is considered as an organization should achieve the company’s set goals. Positive results can be achieved when employees communicate with each other, share information and coordinate their actions efficiently. The better communications between employees, the higher productivity will be achieved. A well-organized workplace, including a hierarchy system, provides a close-knit team which will attain better results.
 Thus, it can be said that communication plays a significant role in relations and cooperation between employees. Communication within the business activities has a direct impact on the performance of the organization. Employees may perform their work well, but if they cannot communicate effectively, then all their efforts are in vain. Moreover, the organization cannot show positive results if the communication system is weak. For example, when a team works with a big project, everybody should perform a particular role; employees are like small constituents in the huge machine. If there is no mutual understanding and, as a result, lack in a coherent work of the team, then it is impossible to achieve the company’s goals and provide results as expected. In other words, communication is not just of receiving and sending information between participants of the conversation; it is rather a way of cooperation among employees and managers, and the essential part of any business.
 Effective communication is essential for managers in the organization as they must perform certain functions that are expected of the management. Communication helps managers perform their basic duties and responsibilities, such as planning, organizing and supervising of work of other employees. So, organizing communication is necessary for providing an understanding between employees and leaders. Controlling is impossible without oral or written communication.

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